The pros and cons of school uniforms

The article ‘’School Uniforms: Pros and Cons’’ are written by Ann Svensen (2012). It discusses the wear of school uniforms for pupils. The article discusses pros and cons with school uniforms, and if they are doing anything to prevent the pressure and assaults by older kids on younger pupils.

The article ‘’School Uniform improves pupils’ behavior both in and out of school’’ is written by Laura Clark (2007). It is written as her own arguments on school uniforms.

She has written in her article that school uniforms for example could have the ability to improve pupils’ behavior, this is her subjective opinion, because of the lacking evidence, that it actually should have an effect to wear the school uniform.

The article is also about how the school uniform is supposed to prevent the older kids from bullying and harassing the younger children due to their clothes and other possessions.

The last article ‘’School Uniforms: turning our kids into soulless conformists’’ is written by Suzanne Moore (2012). It takes its starting point at Moore’s own personal thoughts on school uniform, this article is different from the two others because Moore is” against” school uniforms unlike Clark and Svensen.

She mentions a lot of arguments for being against school uniforms; the price, the fact that pupils’ individuality is damaged and the many things you are not allowed to do when you are wearing your school uniform.

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