Virtual face recognition | Pros and cons | 10 i karakter

Face recognition has now become very modern and easier to use. Face recognition Used in many ways, but the most important function is that it must be able to identify people's faces.

Face recognition was already there in 1960 when all different facial expressions were measured.

China is one of the countries in the world where face recognition is most prevalent. Face recognition is used both in commercial contexts, for the administrative tasks of the authorities, and by the police.

For example, face recognition has just become mandatory in China when buying a SIM card. Together with other surveillance technologies

this means that mass surveillance of the population is widespread in China. In the EU, police use of face recognition has been tested or is being tested in the UK.

In China and the UK, people feel very monitored and have the feeling of the crowd on freedom. China also has a new system which has been called social score.

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