Driverless cars | Argumentative essay | 12 i karakter

Think about how many times you have heard about people getting hurt, or even died in a car accident.

Now imagine it being someone you have close to your heart like a parent, husband or even your child because someone chose to drive drunk, “had” to check their phone or in other ways didn’t focus on driving while driving.

Cris Valasek said “So while the risk that someone could hack them, at the same time millions of people are going to be exponentially safer with this technology”.

Some might ask how can a car without a brake pedal, and no steering wheel be safer than the regular cars? It all comes down to the technique used to enable autonomous vehicles.

These driverless cars almost have “superhuman” abilities to recognize the landscape around them, but without all the human error mistakes we make.

Environmentally, could the cars also make a big impact. First of all, is most of the driverless cars today designed fully electric. Even if they drove on petrol would they still use less fuel than the regular cars. The explanation for that is pretty simple.

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