Factually, modernity and trends are connected, given that some people are driven by constantly improving in order to keep up with the surrounding world.

Therefore, the society is characterized by consumerism, furthermore, everything is about the surface of things. I.e., that models and versions of materialistic things have an undeniable high value

why some people are willing to always get the deluxe model, which is coherent to the top price. This is exactly what the short story, which is written by Adam Thorpe, De-Luxe Model, takes as the starting point.

In contrast to the outer characterisation of the narrator, we get a lot more information relating to the inner characterisation.

The boy is like other boys at his age; playful and curious. We see this at the time the boys discuss the mouse with pink forepaws: “Its parents were probably dead.

Or its children, I suggested. It´s too young for children, Hugh snorted. The lid was pressed down again, and the broad rubber band snapped back.

It must feel a bit trapped in there, I said” . The use of the word “trapped” is a projection of Hugh with reference to how Hugh´s mother treats him:

“His mother´s familiar command called us down like pigeons to a crust” . This quotation shows how the narrator reflects up on the relationship between Hugh and his mother.