De-Luxe Model | Analyse | Adam Thorpe

De-Luxe model is a short story by Adam Thorpe. In this assignment, there will be a presentation of my view on a summary, the setting of the story, the point of view, and the characters in the story.

A boy presents us his impression of when the arrival of modern technology more specifically a dishwasher made on him.

Hugh asks the narrator if he would like to come to his room while they are waiting for the dishwasher to finish the cycle.

Hugh shows the narrator a little secret of his when he pulls out an old shoebox from under his bed. It turns out there is a mouse in the box which Hugh wants to tame so it can run free around in his room.

The narrator decides to take the mouse in his pocket while Hughes is in the bathroom. The narrator intends to set the mouse free in the garden

but the plan is short lived, and the mouse crawls out through a hole in his jacket while the boys load the dishwasher. The story ends when the parents find the now dead mouse in the dishwasher.

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