When you are gifted with a life in this world, ups and downs in your life are inevitable. In times of sadness some people like to show their emotions, others try to hide them and end up putting on a facade, when other people are around.

The short story De-Luxe Model, which is written by Adam Thorpe, touch upon this theme and is depicted through the protagonist of the story.

The short story mainly takes place at Gould’s house, which the narrator holds in great regard and finds more impressive than his own place.

The story is told by the protagonist and is likewise a first-person narrator and can be seen by the use of “I”, which means the perspective is followed through the narrator’s eyes and ears.

We get accustomed to this person’s feelings and thoughts and the other participating characters are shallowly depicted from the narrator’s perspective.

At no point in the story are we told about the main character’s name but we do know it is a boy. This is expressed when the father says, “We’ll have to invent some slave songs, boys.” .

In the attached quote the father refers to the two children as boys, which determines the protagonist’s gender. He is an eleven-year-old boy with two twin brothers and a single mother.