McDonald’s has since they started, making burgers by meat from cows. Cows are not good for the environment because they produce a lot of gas, the gas is called methane which is the most potent greenhouse gas.

With each episode of gas and burping, its releases methane, which is 23 times more harmful than cars emissions. McDonald’s has also used a lot of plastic since they started for example their straw.

McDonalds is Burger king’s biggest competitor; they always try to be better than the other for example their burgers.

McDonald´s got their Big Mac and then Burger king got the whopper. Burger king has dropped putting plastic toys in their happy meals, and a little while later MacDonald's did the same thing.

Now at MacDonald's you can instead of getting toys in happy meals you can get fruit or a book you can read. MacDonald´s sale more than 3,2 million happy meals every day so a lot of plastic is saved every day just in toys.

McDonald’s the world’s biggest fast-food chain with 34,000 restaurants in 188 countries and seeks to make their supply more environmentally friendly.