We live in a split country where some teenagers and children get sicker of social isolation and school lockdown than the coronavirus .

Furthermore, both articles, especially “Covid: What is the mental health cost to the young?” are aware of the long-term effect isolation can have on students’ health.

Dr. Dubicka from this article says the following: “We’ve got to get it right for kids over the next year. Covid is overwhelming, on top of everything else.” 3 For a long time, students, children, and teenagers have been held away from their school and friends.

They have been in an exposed situation for a long time, and that’s what Dr. Dubicka points out in this article. However, this is also what the theme in the article is all about.

Lockdown has also been the cause of other risks to children, such as domestic violence and strained family relationships. Could the lockdown be far more damaging than the actual coronavirus?

On the other hand, we have the article “Coronavirus, schools, and children - what are the risks?”.