Consequences of being an immigrant | Essay | 10 i karakter

Immigrants has been a very discussed topic for many years, and there is a big difference whether you like immigrants or not.

It’s when people cross national borders during their migration they are called immigrants. Today there are many who criticize immigrants, and in general have many prejudices about them.

“Why do we hate immigrants” is written by Kevin Powell and published in The Nation, August 8, 2019. This text is about Kevin’s view of immigrants where he tries to put a perspective on why there are so many prejudices.

Regarding forms of appeal, Kevin Powell uses ethos and pathos. Using ethos, he demonstrates his expertise to establish authority and trust.

Powell refers to his background, he mentions that his ”ancestors were brought to this continent as slaves” , that he is ”the product of ex-slaves, the unheralded bodies that worked for free for two-and-a-half centuries and built the economic foundation of these United States” .

In this way he tells the readers that he is trustworthy, that he has expertise to talk on the subject, and that he speaks in good faith.

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