The psychological consequences of the military | Essay

The Sentry is a short story written by Tea Obrecht in 2010. The short story tells us a story about a father, his son, and their new mastiff dog. The story has a few different themes.

Father and son relationship is probably the clearest theme, however another major one is war, and how it mentally and psychologically has an impact on your mental health, and the way you act.

“When he saw the two of them together, when his father lowered his half-empty plate on to the floor after dinner

or gave the wadded skin under Kaiser's jaw a firm tug before heading upstairs for the night, the sense of something earned that had passed between them was obvious to him.”

After this episode, the mastiff had respect for Bojan, and to make sure it kept on respecting him, he often pulled out the gun, pointed it towards the mastiff´s forehead, and pulled the empty trigger.

Bojan often did this, until one day. His father was asleep, and Bojan pointed the gun towards the mastiff, and pulled the trigger 3 times.

When Bojan looked up, he saw his father standing in front of him. His father pulled out a chair and asked bojan to sit in it, and right before Bojan´s eyes, his father shot the mastiff to its death.

There are 4 characters in the story and, 11 year old Bojan is the protagonist in the short story. He is mentioned as being shy.

Bojan plays piano as the only boy at his school, and this hobby is likely to be the reason for him also getting bullied at school.

In the story there is an episode where Bojan gets knocked down by 4-5 boys he had grown up with. Bojan is along with the mastiff the most important character in the short story.

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