The School Lockdown | Essay | Noter

It was a typical day at school during math. Only it was Friday in the seventh period so the week was almost over and spring break would finally be upon us.

Everybody was getting antsy in their seats I could tell. We didn’t have a test that day like a lot of my other friends did so our teacher decided to play games with us.

The teacher shushed us. We looked at each other to see the peer’s reactions. The screaming stopped. It seemed like an eternity.

There was nothing we could do but sit patiently and wait for the Dean to come back on the loudspeaker. There was a distinct sound in the hallway. We thought the man was gone when…

A banging filled the classroom with terror. One of the girls that were crying yelled “no” with her voice full of emotions. The man shouted at us “open the door” as the pounding grew worse and worse. BANG! BANG! BANG!

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