‘Buckle up’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Hannah is one of the main characters in the short story “Buckle up” by Ashley Hefnawy from 2018. Hannah is the narrator, where she talks about a quite normal day for her and her little brother Ahmed on their way to school.

Hannah is a 12-year old girl (p.2;l.38) of a not so rich family (p.1;l.6), and they live in a little house on its swampy island of grass and water (p.1;ll.1-2). She has a little brother called Ahmed (p.1;l.24).

Hannah goes to school, where she takes the bus with her little brother Ahmed and they are waiting for the bus to take them there (p.1;l.2), which neither of them wants (p.2;ll.37-38).

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