The Arena | Analytical essay

How do you manage to move forward, if you lose the most precious thing in life – your child. Whether death is expected or sudden the loss will affect the lives of the survivor.

Grief is a condition of life, but the question is how the individual chooses to deal with it.

In the short story “The arena” written by Martin Golan back in 2008, we are presented to a father who is trapped in the past as the loss of his first son keeps his attention. The arena brings back old memories and every time he is there it feels like a battle from the past.

The title does not only describe a place where you can practice sports. In this story, the arena is a symbol of the stages in which you are in life.

Furthermore, the arena reminds the father of his son Willie, which gives the reader an impression of that the father and son had a story there together.

“Every time I’ve gone to the Arena I enter a personal arena, a battle from the past.” (l. 65) The arena is a place where the father is confronted with the past.

At the arena his thoughts and feelings from the past and the present, get seriously mixed up.

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