‘His face all red’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

This horror comic tells the story of a man who murders his brother, but yet his brother inexplicably reappears days later.

It focuses on psychological horror and effectively uses suspense to push the mystery forward. Both mediums used are outstanding, crafted very carefully to suit the precise narrative that Carroll wants.

This comic is an example of one that uses both text and image to seamlessly combine the two elements into one single artwork.

Carrol considered the different feelings that the format might exude and planned the corresponding translation work.

The colors on the picture to the right, feel dismal without being especially muted. There is a quality to the comic that makes it feel personal, and very very old, all this adds to the mood (7. Page).

An important part of the story is the color red, when an act of violence happens, it is depicted by everything going red for one panel. Like the example below (3. Page).

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