‘I Was The Face Of Disaster Tourism In Post-Katrina New Orleans’ | Analysis

The article “I Was The Face Of Disaster Tourism In Post-Katrina New Orleans” written by Isabelle Cossart, 2015 is about how a hurricane destroys a big part of New Orleans.

Isabella Cossart has a tour company, and before the hurricane people from all over the world came to participate on her tours, to see beautiful New Orleans.

Isabelle Cossart gives a personal view of what happened in the dark time of the fall in 2005. To convince the receivers she uses a lot of pathos e.g. When I came back

about a month later, there were no more tourists. I laid off my 12 employees and sold four of my five tour vans to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. (p. 1, line17-20)

This makes us as the audience feel a row of emotions such as compassion, understanding and anger towards the system. To convince the audience Isabelle Cossart uses her personal stories as a hidden argument.

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