‘Red from green’ | Analytical essay

Growing up can be hard. The road to adulthood involves physical changes, insecurity, desire of being independent and generally facing the realities of being an adult.

Everybody has to go through the stages where everything seems new and different - even yourself. It is in this transition each person decides their own personality and learns the advantages as well as the disadvantages of being an adult.

In the short story “Red from green” by Maile Meloy, we meet the protagonist Sam, who is facing the transition between being a teenager and an adult.

Just as Sam is going through a development, her and her father’s relationship is also going through a development. This appears in the beginning of the story and in-between the lines the story tells the relation between father and daughter is a bit strained.

They only show their love and caring for each other through actions and not words. The changes in their relation are especially shown on p. 5 l. 174, where the father finds a bullet. The father asked:” Where did you find this?”, Sam replied with “I shot it”.

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