Green Street Hooligans | Analytical essay

• Introduction + brief summary -
• Characterization of the most important characters -
- Matt Buckner:
- Pete Dunham:
- Bover:
• Characterization of the setting(s)
• Themes and message -

• Introduction + brief summary
The movie Green Street Hooligans directed by Lexi Alexander was leased in 2005.

The main character Matt Buckner is getting kicked out of Harvard after being caught with cocaine in his possession. He then moves to London, to live with his sister Shannon’s family.

Shannon’s husband’s little brother Pete Dunham then comes to visit, before leaving to see a soccer match.

Matt Buckner is then forced to join him and his so called gang GSE (Green Street Elite) full of football hooligans. Matt becomes a member of the GSE and joins them in multiples fights.

Matt gets seen in The Times and gets accused for being an undercover journalist. Matt then explains that the journal they were seeing on his computer was his diary.

Bovver gets frustrated and drives to Millwall to inform Tommy that the old major Steve Dunham is that the pub whom he still blame for the death of his son.

Tommy and his gang then shows up at the pub looking for a fight. Tommy stick a broken glass bottle in Steve’s throat, which all most kills him.

Pete and the GSE arrange a fight against Millwall. Pete wants to get back at Tommy. The fight goes wild and suddenly Shannon shows up looking for Matt.

Tommy still doesn't feel that he has gotten his revenge. While he’s on his way to beat Shannon up, Pete yells that it’s his own fault that his son is death, because he didn't protect him. Tommy turns around and beats Pete to death.

Matt returns to the United States and confronts Jeremy Van Holden in a restaurant toilet, where Jeremy is snorting cocaine. Jeremy arrogantly tells Matt to leave.

Matt then pulls out a tape recorder and plays back what Jeremy just said, including their discussion about how the cocaine in Matt's room was Jeremy's, saying that it is his "ticket back to Harvard."

Jeremy lunges at him to try and get the tape, but Matt casually reverses the attack and raises his fist as if to punch Jeremy. He does not do so, but instead walks out with a smile as Jeremy collapses to the floor, defeated

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