Growing up especially when you’re a teenager is never easy. The realities of adulthood, learning how to act and stand on your own two feet while facing sexuality and viewing your parents in a different way than before, are all a part of growing up. In the short story, the main character, Sam, is transitioning from child to adult while she's out with her dad, uncle, and his client.

A sexual tension starts to spark between Sam and the client when he starts to show interest in her. Her father and Sam's relationship slowly changes and all of the new feelings and experiences are a step towards adulthood for Sam.

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The short story “Red from Green” is narrated by a third person and is viewed from the main character Sam’s point of view. Sam is about to be a sophomore in her high school and lives with her father because her mother has passed away, so the two of them are very close.

She cares about his wellbeing and is very vigilant of him (p.9, l.37-39). Sam is contemplating whether or not she should be going away to boarding school, but she has not put her full head to it since she doesn't feel ready yet (p.8 l.6-9). When it comes to her dad, Sam is very cautious as she doesn't want to disappoint or upset him.

They've been on trips plenty of times together, but this recent trip turns out to be one of the most memorable for Sam. They were not alone this time since her uncle Harry joined them with a client, Layton from his law firm, and in no time, it becomes clear to her that the goodwill of the client, is their first priority this trip.