‘Green Street Hooligans’ | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Summary of the movie
A description of Matt
Consider if it is possible to be a good role model (e.g. a school teacher) and a hooligan at the same time?
Why do you think some people become hooligans?
Do you understand these people's fascination/attraction?
Do you think that the movie is made in a form that glorifies hooliganism?
Do we have similar problems with hooliganism in Denmark as in England?
In the movie (54:00 - 55:30) Matt is saying: … What does Matt mean by this, and why do you think Matt has this thought?
What did you think of the movie? Did you like it or not? Elaborate. Would you recommend it to others?

The movie is about a guy named Matt that got expelled from Harvard University. After he got expelled he decided to move to London where his sister Shannon lives with her husband Steve.

When he gets there Steve introduces him to his brother Pete. Pete is part of the West ham United football firm called Green Street Elite

West Ham United is an East London football team. The Firm is known for being really violent and they hate the Millwall football team.

When Steve introduces Matt to Pete he asked him if he could take Matt with him to the football match, and if he didn’t he would not give him any money, so Pete decided to take Matt With him.

First, they went to a bar where Pete’s friends were there, and then he introduced them to him. Bovver, one of Pete’s friends did not like Matt. After the bar, they went to the match.

After the match, Matt decided that he want to go home. On his way home he was alone and a gang from the other team’s firm attack him.


Before Matt moved from the United State to England he studied history and Journalism at Harvard University, he wanted to become a journalist like his father.

But when he got expelled because of his roommate Jeremy Van Holden. Jeremy hid drugs in Matt's stuff and Matt got the blame for it.

Matt decided to take the blame and not defend himself because he knew they would believe Jeremy over him. Matt is usually the quiet guy.

He was never in fights until he met Pete he changed completely. He became very violent. But throughout everything, he always had a good relationship with his sister.

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