‘Blueberries’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Complications in relationships such as lack of understanding for each other, non-development and emotional distance is a frequent difficulty in relationships.

Many couples’ priorities have become individual choices and selfish thoughts, which often leads to lack of empathy as well as intimacy in relationships.

In the short story “Blueberries”, written by a unknown author, we get an insight of these lacks, throughout a couples trip on a camping in the woods.

The short story goes from a meaningless event when picking up blueberries, to complications and disregards in the life of a couple.

The short story “Blueberries” is a third-person narrator telling by a anonymous narrator who ob-serves the couple from outside of the actions.

When the story is a third-person narrator, the readers get all kind of thoughts. This makes it more simple to identify the situation, also called the objective narrator.

The third-person narrator has knowledge regarding the feelings the characters contain. As an example: "We can swim," he suggested, savoring his berries.

By suggesting this, the male tries to encourage his wife, but in the same time proceed with caution around her. In this way, the narrator describes his body language and feelings.

At the same way the narrator knows that the woman still has engaging feelings for her husband: “The sun passed its zenith … beside her husband … tender as memory.”

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