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The short story begins by introducing the main character and establishing the setting: “Sir Mohan Lal looked at himself in the mirror of a first-class waiting room at the railway station.

The mirror was obviously made in India. The red oxide at its back had come off at several places and long lines of translucent glass cut across its surface.” Mohan Lal’s perception of the mirror conveys his negative perspective on India.

The story takes place in a railway station in India, and on a train, in its first-class and its second-class compartments. The author does not give the name of the city or town where the action happens, but we are told that it is a near cantonment (A military camp in British India).


The story touches upon some aspects of society during the British rule over India
During this period, the British discouraged local cultural practices, trying to civilize Indians by educating them in the British ways

The presence of the British in India has influenced and shaped Indian culture, as well as the Indian people’s lifestyle.

This is explored through the character of Mohan Lal, an Indian man from the upper-class, who favors British culture over his own and tries to pass as an English man in society.