The short story” Karma” by Khushwant Singh was written in 1950, three years after India’s independence.

Along with India getting their independence in 1947, the story refers to some aspects of society during the British govern over India.

One of the British Empire's greatest colonies were in India, so consequently, the time under the British control made it difficult for the country to stand on its own, so, therefore, creating a new Indian culture, was not easily accessible.

The main character in the story is Sir Mohan Lal, a native of India, who acts like he is British because he is ashamed of his own culture and origin.

In comparison to his wife, this is also portrayed by the fact that they have a very distant marriage. Since Lachmi comes from a poor and illiterate family, he does not bother to talk to her wife’s acquaintances.

Lachmi is the complete opposite of her husband and does not follow the manners of the upper class at all, according to her husband.

A possible reason why Sir Mohan’s view of his wife and other Indians are so negative could be that he does not think he is one of them.

Clearly, he wants to have a better social status and he does not think that he can have that with them in his life. Even though Lachmi feels like an Indian woman she is aware of her place in society both in her marriage and as a woman.

This is shown clearly in the following quote: “[…] ‘I am only a native woman. I can’t understand English and don’t know their ways, so I keep to my zenana inter-class.’” (p. 179, ll. 29-31).

Significantly, this also supports the fact that Lachmi is born in a lower-class society and is a symbol of gender discrimination. On the whole, you can say that Sir Mohan feels bad about his own culture, lifestyle, etc.