Sir Mohan’s feet were glued to the earth, and he lost his speech. He stared at the lighted windows of the train going past him in quickening tempo.

The tail end of the train appeared with a red light and the guard standing in the open doorway with the flags in his hands.

In the inter-class zenana compartment was Lachmi, fair and fat, on whose nose the diamond nose ring glistened against the station lights.

Her mouth was bloated with betel saliva which she has been storing up spit as soon as the train has cleared the station.

As the train sped past the lighted part of the platform, Lady Lal spat and sent a jet of red dribble flying across like a dart.

Sir Mohan could see the train disappear. For the first time was Sir Mohan alone, in his entire life had he always been together with a lady.

This lady has for the last many years been Lady Lal, there still was on the train. Lady Lal was not alone, but she had another new experience.

She was for the first time free, free for Sir Mohan. Sir Mohan there for the last many years had been her sir and not really her man.