Analytical essay of Seven

This analytical essay will analyze the movie “Seven” which is directed by David Fincher and published in 1995. The genre is American crime thriller. My focus in this analyze will be on the plot conflicts in the movie.

Seven is about David Mills, a new detective, who has moved to the city with Tracy, his wife. Mills teams up with the experienced detective William Somerset.

They investigate a murder of a man who was forced to eat until his stomach burst. It should have been Somerset’s last case, but he won’t stop now, because he thinks there will come more like these murders.

A new murder on the defense attorney comes. There is spelled “greed” on the floor with the victim’s blood. Somerset finds the word “gluttony” on the wall behind the fridge at the obesity murder scene. Now he realizes, that it is two of the seven deadly sins.

Some fingerprints from where the second victim was killed, leads the detectives to an apartment, where the third victim is laying tied up in a bed, with the word “sloth” on the wall. The detectives find a name, John Doe, by using library data and drive to his apartment. They meet him at the apartment but John escapes.

The fourth victim is a prostitute. They find her dead in a club with the word “lust” at the door. The fifth victim is a model who is laying in a bed with sleeping pills in one hand and a telephone in the other. The word “PRIDE” is on the wall. John Doe shows up confessing at the police station. Doe will show the detectives the two final victims in a desert.

A delivery man arrives with a box. Mills point with his gun at John, while John speaks about how grateful Mills life is with Tracy. Somerset opens the box and is shocked.

John Doe says to Mills that Tracy’s head is in the box and that “envy” is his sin. Somerset says nothing and that confirm Doe’s words. Mills shoot John Doe in anger and that represents “wrath”, the last of the seven deadly sins.

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