Analytical essay of Harrison Bergeron

Science fiction is a fantastic genre in which, as a writer, you can afford to poem for the future.

It is unclear whether you will get it right or not, but you can make your guess as to whether it will be a scary and bleak future or whether it will be a future with robots and flying cars.

"Harrison Bergeron" is a text that tells of what the future looks like in 2081 and gives its very own indication of what the future of humanity is about.

The title of the short story is based on one of the characters in the short story. Harrison Bergeron.

However, Harrison Bergeron is not the novel's protagonist, in fact, I would say that the novel has no protagonist. I believe this a lot, because of the short story.

We are in a society where everyone is equal and where there is no competition. Therefore, it is also very difficult to find a protagonist in this short story.

If we choose to focus on a single person who may turn out to be dystopian, it can only be Harrison Bergeron. Because he was born as one of the persons to be made disabled and because he plans to overthrow the state.

Bergeron tries to overthrow the state by interrupting a television broadcast with a ballerina, in which the dances loosened from their chains and disabilities. Shortly after their dance, both Bergeron and the ballerina are shot and killed.

We end up with a very closed ending where the two people we actually follow are George and Hazel, and even though they have just seen the killing on TV, their "handicap" makes them forget what they just saw.

The story ends with them continuing their conversation.

What is important in this short story is not people as personal figures, but more what the different types of people act like, in a society like this.

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