Amazon Go | Analyse

Who wouldn’t want to have an easy time grocery shopping?
To obtain that, Amazon invented their new notion with their Amazon Go stores.

How does it work? That is exactly what the article tells us, but most momentously, what perception do we get of the store based on how the article is worded?

The main topic is focused on how this new store works with all of this unknown technology.

It is spreading uncertainty among some people while some also think it’s rather ‘wrong’ to have a store targeted towards the wealthiest part of the population (mentioned in the article as “those who earn $100k and those who barely scrape by”).

It’s questioning many times how their technology manages to keep track of what each customer interacts with on the shelf, what they put in their cart and what they put back on the shelf.

What’s also mentioned is that this might be the beginning of a huge expansion of their business.

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