Amazon – Brainstorm | Engelsk Opgave

1. Introduction to Amazon – Brainstorm
- What does the name ‘Amazon’ bring to mind?
- Why might Amazon be interesting to study?
- What might a company profile of Amazon reveal?
- Which aspects would be important to work with?


2. Amazon timeline
- “Amazon's Story: From Online Bookstore to a Major Tech Giant” The Street, 25 July 2019
Make a timeline summing up the most important events in the history of the company based on the video in the link above + relevant links in the article


3. Amazon (History and mission)
- Why was the company called Amazon? How did Amazon gain its customer loyalty and profitability?
- Sum up in bullet format the most essential information concerning its mission.

Do some speedwriting based on the questions below. If you type fast, set the timer to five mins. If you need more time to write, spend eight-ten mins on this exercise.


What does the name ‘Amazon’ bring to mind?:

When i think of amazon i think of the company and the rainforest. I also realise how they have similarities between them.

Both the rainforest and the company are enormous in size, the amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world and the company is one of the biggest if not the biggest company on the global market.

In the rainforest there are many species of animal and plants that lives there.

You can almost find anything in the jungle just as you can on the amazon online store.


Why might Amazon be interesting to study?:

It is interesting to study, because of the evolution of the company.

The company started in Jeff Bezos garage, where he sold books.

Today it is one of the biggest companies in the world. The expansion that Amazon has went through is extraordinary.

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