Amazon Empire | Summary | Jeff Bezos

1. Write a summary of the documentary Jeff Bezos – Amazon Empire. (200-300 words)

Et summary gengiver kort og objektivt tekstens/filmens vigtigste indhold.
Et summary skal:

- skrives i præsens (nutid)
- introducere titel, forfatter/afsender og årstal.
- være objektivt og uden kommentarer/personlige holdninger.
- være uden citater fra teksten

2. Image you are the CEO of your own company. You have just come up with an amazing idea for a new product that will benefit mankind, however you are a poor student and in desperate need of funding before you can start production of your product.

Write a business letter to prospective investors detailing your business needs and vision for your company. Include the following points:

- Your business name, product, and organizational structure.
- Explain what you need to set up your business.
- Include your mission statement (which must include an ethical policy).

How to write a business letter:

Opload only 1 document.
Opload in a word.doc or word.docx

On February 19, 2020, the popular investigation program FRONTLINE released a new documentary. The documentary is about Amazon Empire which is an American documentary that focuses on Jeff Bezos, and his journey through the exciting universe as a businessman.

James Jacoby and Anya Bourg are the journalists from FRONTLINE who work to get important points and the best stories for the documentary. The documentary I built around a lot of different things.

Among other things, we hear various news footage, in addition they talk to consumer lawyers, activists and writers. But the most exciting thing in the documentary is when they talk to people who have worked in the company, but also current employees.

We hear, among other things, that Jeff Bezos lived on Wall Street when he was younger but ended up moving to Seattle. Seattle was good for him. Here he started Amazon, as a small online bookstore.

Amazon became more popular, and over time which means they got more products. Now Amazon is world famous and sells everything you could think of.

Amazon is especially known for its cheap products, due to the absence of VAT. Jeff Bezos knows exactly how to reach out to his customers.

He is incredibly good at gaining an understanding of what customers want, and with the help of that he creates a great deal of customer satisfaction. Jeff Bezos has now become one of the richest men in the world.

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