A mistake in the knitting | Analytical Essay

In this analysis, a short presentation of the short story, a summary, characterization and the theme of the short story will be made. A Mistake in Knitting is a short story written by Egyptian author Ihsan Kamal.

The short story is about a girl named Suzanne, she is a girl who is oppressed and forced by her own family to marry a guy she is not happy with. In the short story, we find out that she is in a big dilemma, as she wants to divorce the guy because she is not happy with him, but at the same time it is something that cannot be done.

Suzanne comes from a family background where it is the family that decides everything, she has strict parents, this means that she cannot leave the man she is with, as it will affect the family's reputation as well as hers. She has also been out with him without any family supervision, which is a shame where Suzanne comes from.

The main character in the short story is Suzanne. She sounds like a strong woman with a confident personality. She is not afraid to express her opinion, but even though she is not afraid to express her attitude / opinion, there is something that makes her hold it back, and that is the family, because they mean so much to her, she does not want disappoint the family and ruin their honor by leaving the man she does not like.

“I thought seriously about breaking the engagement although I knew this act wouldn’t be a simple matter for my father and family”.

In this quote, we find out that she does not want to do anything the family will be angry about, which tells us that she is still listening to the family and trying to do the things the family tells her, even though she is a strong woman with top self-confidence.

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