A Call To Men – Essay

In his TED Talk, Tony Porter talks about his youth living in the bad parts of New York City.

Mr. Porter talks of his experiences with what he calls “The Man Box”, and how masculinity was seen in his environment, and argues for why The Man Box is something to abolish, and be set free from, and why to do such is in the interest of both Men and Women.

The Man Box, and the expectations of masculinity he had so deeply ingrained in himself, kept him from doing the right thing; He would rather pretend to do a horrible thing like rape, and brag about it, than challenge the set emotions of sexual lust and violent anger that was normal to the people around him.

This kind of experience is exactly why Mr. Porter feels the need to have a TED Talk like this and try to convey the message of how important the role of a father is in a boy’s life, and how important the lessons he teaches them are.

Mr. Porter has a lot of ethos, in this matter At times he speaks very informally of his upbringing, telling horrible personal stories, and sharing self-critical details of his fatherhood.

He even cracks a couple of jokes at otherwise highly uncomfortable moments in his tale, which helps the audience from feeling so uncomfortable that they might just shut him out, like just before telling a story of a sexually abused and mentally ill neighborhood girl.

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