Your shoes | Analytical essay

The relationship between children and parents is of great importance for the child's development and well-being. A problematic parent-child interaction can affect the child's development and give the child different problems like behavioral and relationship problems.

Parents' background is of great importance for the risk of remarks about the parent-child relationship.

Children of immigrants and descendants, children who do not live with both parents, and children whose parents are unrelated to the labor markets clearly have an increased risk of remarks about the parent-child relationship.

In the short story “Your Shoes”, written by Michele Roberts, the main theme is defective communication between parents and children.

We already see this theme at the start of the story, where the mom thought she knew everything about her daughter, but she didn't. Line 1-3: “I thought I knew you as well as I know this house.

No secret places, no hidey-holes, nothing in you I couldn't see. Now I realise how you kept yourself from me, how I didn't really know you at all”.

As I mentioned before, the paren upbringing has a lot to do with the parents*and child communication. This is also seen in this short story.

Among other things, the mother writes that she and her family were very old-fashioned. She writes that her father was very strict and if she ever used such language as her daughter used when she was about to run away, she has been hit.

She also writes that her mother was a stupid woman. She had never taken an educationpand when war came, she joined up. She writes that her mother was like her daughter. She drank alcohol and never had time for her.

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