Analyse “Your Shoes” by Michèle Roberts

“Your Shoes” is written by Michèle Roberts which is written in the form of a mother’s letter to her daughter, who is fifteen years old. The daughter has run away from home and the mother is extremely unhappy while writing a letter she knows her daughter will never receive. When the mother then sees the daughter’s shoes it immediately reminds her of the daughter and becomes a very sad time in the story.

The mother is very nervous and afraid that her daughter has gone to a wrong and dangerous place and has not been begged or lured to a place where there may be some evil people who will hurt her. On the contrary, while the mother is writing the letter, she hopes that she is in hot hands and that she has not been harmed. The mother also thinks of her childhood where she grew up in a strict family and unlike her daughter who had everything she could ever wish for.

The mother reveals that the girl may have been abandoned because one night she followed and drank home, and her father insulted her deeply. The woman then compares her daughter to her mother, who also liked to drink, who was rather vulgar and loved her grandson more than her children.

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