Blue Suede Shoes – analytical essay

For the first time in three years, Irina sees her ex-boyfriend that used to hurt her with his blue suede shoes. The story is written by Florence Knapp and was published in the year 2018. It is about Irina that enjoys her time at a café. She then sees her ex-boyfriend, after three years of not having seen him.

She gets flashbacks of him hurting her while they were in their relationship. She overcomes her memories and opens a new chapter in her life. Irina shows that you have to open up about the past to look forward in life. She needed to see her ex-boyfriend one last time, to let everything, she has been through with him behind her.

This quote shows us that her ex-boyfriend also had a good side and that is properly why she liked him. But a small thing is what could trigger something in him, and he would result in hurting Irina.

It would be interesting to get the ex-boyfriend’s point of view on this. So, the reader can get to know why the ex-boyfriend did what he did.

There could be a story behind his actions, that we never get to know because we only get Irina’s point of view.

This story has the title “Blue Suede Shoes” because of the ex-boyfriend’s shoes. These shoes are very special and meaning full part of the story.

They are a big part of the plot in the story. The ex- boyfriend used to beat Irina with these shoes. He either kicked Irina with them on or he put them on his hands at punched Irina with them.

He did this because he plays music and a musician never does something bad to their hands. The story is called “Blue Suede Shoes” because they are what makes Irina think back on the times with her boyfriend. The times where her ex-boyfriend was beating

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