The short story ”Worlds Apart” written by Margaret Barlow, is about an English girl named Mary.

One day Mary meets an English woman in her apartment block, they become friends and Mary begins to tell the English woman about her life as an Arab wife.

Mary was 19 years and went to university in London. One day she met Salem, he was an outstandingly good-looking Arab man from North Africa. Mary fell in love with him on their first meeting. He decided to stay in England to live with her.

Mary and Salem met in London and Mary fell in love with him at their first meeting. They were so in love with each other that he chose to stay in London and move in with her.

After a year they got married but Mary didn’t think about what it would mean for her, to marry an Arab man and move to a Muslim country.

When they came to Salem’s country, Mary discovered that she was going to live with Salem’s entire family.

They would only get a small bedroom for themselves and would have to share everything else with his family.

Mary and Salem got a little girl after some time and then they moved into an apartment on an upper floor of the family house.

Mary slowly began to understand what life was like for an Arab woman and how her own life was going to be like. Salem became her master and superior and he told her what to do. Salem wouldn’t let Mary leave the apartment, her place was at home.