Wood Grouse | Analyse | David Guterson | 10 i Karakter

“We kept crossing from country to country, back and forth, reveling in the freedom of not answering to anyone about it” (l. 38).

This quotation was said by the 1st person narrator, Bud, who directly tells us that he wants to get away from America, even though his brother Gary is happy to be back from the Vietnam War.

We know the story takes place somewhere in the 1950s an era full of war and civil rights movements in America.

You always had to fit in or believe and fight in what you're told, so getting away from non-tolerated communism or where racial discrimination was at its highest, is a reasonable action for a getaway trip.

The setting takes place over a day and night, and as described by the main character “It was in this last light that we saw them - hooters” (l. 43).

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