War Veteran is a short story from 1996 written by David Gutterson. War Veteran is a story about Bryan, a soldier returning from the Vietnam War. It is also a story of the emotional weight war has for those involved

whether they want to face it or not, and how hard it can be for their relatives to relate to their changed opinions and thoughts after the war.

While Bryan is a pacifist Bud seems to be an utterly destructive person. This is especially seen when looking at build stuff and destroy it again “I spent a lot of time throwing rocks, I know that.

Building stacks of 20 rocks, backing off thirty yards, then throwing for as long as it took to knock the stacks of rocks
apart.”(LL 19-20).

Bud is clearly fond of destroying and picking things apart, the reason for that is most likely because he is bored and has not had the same kind of interesting events in his life as Bryan, therefore destroying becomes entertainment for him.