Weekend in Aarhus | Engelsk A

It was Friday afternoon, I had just finished my last class at xxx xxx, and was hurrying to the Central Train Station. I was headed to Aarhus where I would spend the weekend with my best friend from two years ago who had moved to Jutland last summer. I was looking forward to meeting him again.

I haven't seen him since the summer break. The train finally came 20 minutes late and I jumped on the train excited and happy. It was a long trip to Jutland it took 3 hours. After the long ride, I finally got off the train and meet my best friend Chuck. We went to his house and started talking about all that I have missed about his life. He told me that he was very happy about living in Aarhus with his mother and her boyfriend.

I told them that I was a student at xxx xxx and found marketing very interesting. We talked a lot about business and they offered me a job at their company. They said I could get a good job at their company where I would be paid 60.000 DKK every month because I already knew marketing so well from my school.

They gave me their number and asked me to call them tomorrow if I was interested. After the long talk, they did go to a disco and Chuck and I stayed at the bar. We were waiting on Serena and Blair to come. They came after 30 minutes. We had a really fun night with a lot of cocktails and beers.

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