Weekend in Aarhus

It was Friday afternoon, I had just finished my last class at Niels Brock, and was hurrying to the Central Train Station. I was headed to Aarhus where I would spend the weekend with my best friend from two years ago who had moved to Jutland last summer. I was looking forward to meeting him again.

I haven't seen him since the summer break. The train finally came 20 minutes late and I jumped on the train excited and happy. It was a long trip to Jutland it took 3 hours.

After the long ride, I finally got off the train and meet my best friend Chuck. We went to his house and started talking about all that I have missed about his life. He told me that he was very happy about living in Aarhus with his mother and her boyfriend.

Chuck and I talked a bit and decided that we should go to a bar and drink beer. We took the bus to the central Aarhus. Chuck showed me a street in Aarhus where there were different bars and pubs. We did go into a random bar called the "Hornsleth". We ordered two beers and sat down.

We were waiting for Serena and Blair to come and meet us. While we were waiting we played billiard and two elder men around 40 years wanted to join us. We played card games with them and drank more beers. Their names were Bark and Rufus and they both worked in a marketing company.

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