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The Jaguar broke down on Wilshire. I was driving and the sunroof was open and the radio was on and suddenly the car jerked and begun to pull to the right.

I stepped on the gas pedal and pressed it to the floor and the car jerked again and pulled to the right. I parked the car, crookedly, next to the curb, […].

I pulled the keys out of the ignition and sat in the stalled Jaguar on Wilshire with the sunroof opened and listened to traffic passing.

I finally got out of the car and found a phone booth at the Mobil station on the corner of La Cienega and I called Martin, but another voice, this time a girl’s

answered and told me that Martin was at the beach and I hung up and called the studio but I was told by an assistant that William was at the Polo Lounge with the director of his next film and even though I knew the number of the Polo Lounge I didn’t call.


Emma studies the bees and the butterflies the microscopes. Outside the laboratories, she and her colleagues get on the buses.

If it does not rain tomorrow, she may trim the hedges, the bushes and the old apple trees. At home, she cuts the apples in half and cleans the knives afterwards.

She looks after the babies in the prams. Tonight, the researcher’s families will celebrate together.


Attention: An army of gnomes await you at the Gnome Reserve in West Putford. Set in four acres of beautiful garden

a battalion of gnomes make this garden truly magical. So children will love exploring the home of these magical little creatures and they can borrow hats free of charge.

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