Vanilla bright like Eminem analysis

Knowledge is key and perspective is not always a given but perhaps a knowledge we acquire over time that makes looking back on seemingly bland and ordinary situations as beautiful and highly treasured moments.

There are quite a lot of themes in the story to take note of most prominently would be that of love and family as the whole story revolves around the happiness Don feels when his family is together and at peace. Coming of age is also a theme that could be noticed when Don expresses his thoughts on his young daughter “It was a toddlerish action, an innocent gesture of playfulness and boredom, but he felt the charge of her maturing sexuality and was disturbed by it.” And his differences with his son “To which Drew’s response was that maybe he wouldn’t be living with his folks much longer” showing that both kids are growing up and will soon be on their own.

Even though Drew bleaching his hair has caused the family a lot of arguing the white of his hair symbolizes the innocent stage of the family dynamics. “Drew will be living in South America somewhere, and Don and Alice will never see him anymore,[…] and they’ll show these people a photograph of Drew on a construction site […] his dark brown hair slicked with water and sweat” After growing up and cutting contact Drew will have gone back to the brown color. But Don will always be able to look back at a time where the family was together and happy “the haircut making everything worthwhile, shining so bright it leaves a pattern on your retina when you close your eyes, vanilla bright like Eminem.”.

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