‘Howdy, Modi | Shared Dreams, Bright Futures’ | Analysis

Whilerunning for president it is important that you gain a lot of respect from people. Not only respect, but trust is also a big thing in the election, because it’s a good thing to have peoples trust, isn’t it? The most important thing is who you want to trust you. (Focusing)

For example, Trump wanted the Indian American people to trust him. In the speech he wanted to show that he had respect for the Indian American people, while the Prime minister of India, Modi came to visit the USA. (thesis statement)

Forms of appeal
Howdy, Mowdi
The Rhetorical Pentagram

The speech is called “President Trump. Howdy, Modi: Shared Dreams, Bright Futures”. Modi is the prime minister of India. Howdy is an informal greeting.

It’s a symbol of friendship and by saying that it shows that you want to be friends. By saying that, Trump seems a bit unprofessional, because it’s more a thing you could say to a friend and not use it in a serious speech as this one.

Even though it’s a bit unprofessional to say, he didn’t mean it to sound like that. They might not be as close friend as “Howdy Modi”, but they might just try to show and tell people that they actually can speak together and that they are kind of friends.

By doing that it could gain a lot of trust and respect from people. Because if they have a good friendship, maybe something good could come out of it, such as agreements or benefits.

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