UK Riots | Engelsk opgave

Engelsk opgave om UK Riots

On the subject of study drugs, we are presented with three texts. The first text is the commentary “Bit Brother isn’t watching you” by Russell Brand. He used his commentary to explain a lot about both himself, the situation and London in general. His point of view is marked by his own past. He says among other things that “I should here admit that I have been arrested for criminal damage (…)” , meaning he sees himself as an equal with everyone, including the rioters instead of just being judgmental.

The second text is the article “UK riots: Why did the riots happen? Who are the rioters? What can we do to end this madness?” by Tony Parson. It is clear that he has a need to blame these riots on someone as he says “(…) many of us do not have the stomach for sympathy right now”. The last text is a map and timeline over the riots published in BBC News. The map illustrates where in London the riots has been and the timeline tells very accurate what happened and when it happened. It has a lot of facts and it clearly shows how many people there were involved in the riots. An example of this is when the text writes about Wednesday 10 August. “22:03 BST - In a statement, West Midlands Police say the situation across the area is calm at the moment as 1,000 officers parade the streets.”

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