Riots or tired of racism?!

How would you feel if the police were on your back all the time? Always stopping you for something unfair?

This is what the general youth population of black men go through every week. Harassment, unfair treatment and general racism - this is what the blacks have to live with.

North County is a town with many races in it. But it is also a town where the blacks are being treated as second class citizens. EVEN after the first election of a black man the racism still continues. The cops essentially have a right to stop black men, because of the color of their skin.

This “rule” of theirs is called the (DWB Driving while black). This is not how the police should act at all. The police are our defenders against crime, and should not abuse their powers.

This is disgusting and NOT fair towards the citizens. This is what legal citizens like Michael Brown would see on a daily basis; getting pulled over, or held back while walking.

These incidents can be the reason why so many people are willing to riot for their city. The citizens want to stand up for their neighbors, and for a safer community. This is what the rioters seek.

They want the police to take their job serious, and make the law equal for everybody, and not based around your skin color.

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