There will be blood | Essay

There will be blood is an epic movie is about two powerhouses colliding, Eli the religious man that is trying to start a following and is trying to spread the word of his church. And Daniel a power and money hungry man that will do anything possible for him to get his pay check for him and H. W. the oilman Daniel and his business partner and adopted son H.W.

They travel across the U.S together to find oil. When they do find it, they buy up the land and starts to dig after oil. Daniel is a manipulating man, he manipulates his way into buying land, and winning people over to his side. Daniel is very overprotective about his son, he will do anything for him.

The movie shows us the use the American value of hard work when he is mining. He works hard so he can get money to survive, that is shown when we see him crawl out of the mine with his newfound gold, with a broken leg and an injured arm.

They elaborate on that when he finally gets to the mining company, where he gets the gold weight, and gets paid. Daniel doesn’t give up when he sees some land he thinks has potential.

The value of family also comes in the picture, when we see H. W’s father get killed in a drilling accident, and Daniel decides to raise him as his own. I think that the reason that Daniel raises H.W as his own is because he can use him, so he seems more likeable when he’s trying to buy up land for his oil plants.

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