The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen Survivors

Almost every human generations grow up different from the previous one, with other political issues that are important to discuss. Generations X had a nuclear plant as one of the main issues which led them to unite and protest this political issue.

Generation Z lives in the media age, which makes them aware of political issues at a younger age than previous generations.

In an article by Robinson Meyer “The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen survivors.” (February 17, 2018) Meyer shows how young these students became political activists marching for gun control in the US and how they used media and digital tools to get attention.

Meyer’s article explores two primary topics gun control and political activism. Conventional media is often used by the ones who are doing political activism. It refers to actions, which include strikes or protests.

In Meyer’s article, it suggests that it is to raise awareness. Meyer explores political activism with an event – the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school that left 17 dead.

With the tragic action Meyer includes some tweets in his article, which some students at Douglass argue that loose gun control can lead to deadly events, in which they respond to some politicians holding them accountable for the lack of solving this issue.

Meyer argues and tells how American adolescents today grow up in a social media age and are more aware of political issues: “The current cohort came to heightened political awareness during the 2016 election, meaning they have watched the logic of Twitter absorb the presidency while adapting and adjusting the language of Twitter – and Snapchat and Instagram – for themselves” (ll. 35-37).

Meyer tells the readers that teens know how to use these platforms. In addition to this, when the students at Douglas were victims to the Parkland tragedy, they immediately recorded to social media what was happening to raise awareness about the mass shooting. In America, the constitution allows citizens to own guns

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