The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen Survivors

What makes a person run into a school and shoot innocent people? Imagine going to school in fear of being shot. Robin Meyer is a staff writer at The Atlantic and he is the man behind the article “The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen Survivors”. The article is about a school shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida and which costs 17 people’s lives. By focusing on how the surviving students use social media to express themselves after the tragedy, he becomes a voice in the political debate.

Meyers’ opinion piece is an informal text because it is personal, intimate and colloquial. “This is what astonished and confronted me...” Page 4, line 49. This quote shows that Meyer expresses himself emotionally, he becomes intimate and personal. Apart from that, it is also a narrative text with a persuasive element to is as well.

A narrative text typically involves the telling of some kind of story and its problems which this article does. Here is the problem the school shooting and the issues of gun control. The persuasive element comes from Meyer trying to convince us for or against the problems the topic possesses. The persuasive elements come from the tweets and words Meyers has chosen such as “mass murder”. Page 1, line 3. He wants to tell how tough and brave young people are and that they have found a way to do things that are something the adults can learn from. But also that young people are more mature than adults think.

Meyer uses a lot of antitheses in the text: “We are children. You guys are the adults” Page 2, line 11. Here the contrast between young and adult has been chosen, to make it clear that it is the young people who are struggling with the situation even though that it is the adults who have to take the initiative and make the changes. Antithesis, “...A car crash, not an earthquake”. Page 4, lines 51-52.

Here Meyers has chosen the contrast between a car crash and an earthquake to tell about the situation in a different way. Car crashes are so common that it is an everyday thing and her Meyer refers to the fact that school shootings have become so normal where, on the other hand, we have earthquakes, which is something that rarely happens. You can avoid a car crash if you just slow down and take one thing at a time where you can’t prevent an earthquake from happening.

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