In connection with our US area study we are going to watch the film ”The pursuit of happyness”, starring Will Smith.

Upon watching the film, you will be asked to write an essay in which you discuss the theme/themes of the film.

Remember to base your discussion on your knowledge of American society and American values and beliefs, and please include specific examples from the film.

How are the values and beliefs exemplified in the film, and what does it teach us about the American dream? Please also compare the values presented in film with Danish society.

The movie “The pursuit of happyness” is based on a real story about Chris Gardner. He grew up under difficult situations and had to earn his money by hard working.

Chris Gardner is a perfect example of how American society will not give less affluent citizens a fair chance to join the social ranks and earn a living

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He did so much for it, and behind it he also had much else. When he wasn't working at the internship and doing homework, he took care of his 5-year-old son Christopher, selling the medical machines to make money, and dealing with tax problems, rent problems and basically covering their basic needs.

And it does not make it any easier for him that he was kicked out of his apartment and the hostel, and in a short time his son and him had nowhere to be. They slept at a toilet.

After work he run every day down to a shelter, so his son and him had a place. He did so much for his son, and that shows that he is strong willed and that even if you have a lot of hardship, it is still possible to find happiness if you just fight and search for it.