I’m More Than an ‘Other’ | analytical essay

Write an analytical essay (900-1200 words) in which you analyze Megan Markle’s personal essay “I’m More Than an ‘Other’” from 2015 and discuss the challenges of being of mixed race.

Part of your essay must focus on the style of language and on the writer’s use of her own experiences.


What do you think of when hearing the word ‘’ghetto’’. Most people will, unconsciously, envision black and Hispanic inhabited urban areas. From birth society is force fed these man-made labels, and eventually, it swallows them, digests them, accepts them and never doubts them.

With all these labels comes stereotypes and prejudices, creating distance between people. They segregate people and ascribe everyone a certain value determined by whoever is in charge. The world is seen through prejudicial filter of who ‘’we’’ think ‘’they’’ are.

And by thinking this way, labels will forever blind us from seeing people for who they really are – because we are much more than a skin-color, a social class or a simple opinion, aren’t we?

That is the opinion Megan Markle shares in her personal essay ‘’I’m More Than An Other’’, which was published in ELLE magazine in July 2015. It sheds light upon the difficulties and challenges of being a biracial woman in a bigoted society.

The main theme in this personal essay is racial identity and the discrimination and complications that follows. Megan Markle is a biracial woman; her mother is Afro-American, and her dad is Caucasian.

This mixed heritage and different cultural expectations has given Megan many difficulties creating an Identity, because she felt like she had to choose either her ‘’black side or her ‘’white’’ side. And even if she chose, she would not fit in a 100 %. She would still feel grey.

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