The meaning of clouds | Analyse

Does it really matter if it is your real child or if it is your stepchild? Is the love and affection different? These questions are the main theme of the short story ”The meaning of clouds” written by Natalie Cox in 2019.

The story is about a woman and a stepchild trying to get through life and get used to each other and develop a bond that is strong like a mother and a daughter. The focus of the essay is to the style of writing, contrast, and conflict.

The style of writing is an easy language to read (ll. 1-17). These lines are written very simple and doesn’t have any extra descriptions, it is written informal and casual.

The style of language in the narration is more complex, by using figurative language “I shift a little on the blanket

the tartan threads releasing the ghost of my parents’ under-the-stairs cupboard as I do so” (ll. 3-4). “I have no idea what makes a cloud give in” (l. 8) is another axample og figurative language.

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