Assignment 1
Lyt til Boris Johnsons tale ”PM Boris Johnson’s Brexit Address to the Nation”.
- Besvar både opgave a og b.

Assignment 2
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekststykke. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.
- Grammatisk område
- Eksempel
- Regel
- Eksempel
- Forklaring
- Tid
- Eksempel
- Do minimum wage increases kill jobs?

Assignment 3

Assignment 4A
The minimum wage influence more than you thinks

Her kan man både bruge of-genitiv og apostrof genitiv, da en stat både kan beskrive et sted hvor mange personer er samlet, men samtidig er det også navnet på stedet.


Igen gælder samme argument som svaret ovenover. Her er der ingen grund til at anvende en omvendt ordstilling, da man oftest bruger det i særlige tilfælde. Ligefrem ordstilling er den mest normale ordstilling på engelsk.


I am writing to you on behalf of MacGregor Meat, regarding your request about our meat products. We are very honoured and are more than happy to inform you about our assortment.

First, we would like to state, that we have a strong believe in animal welfare. Our animals are free-range, which takes a big part in the finished product.

We provide highland animals, especially lamb and veal. The MacGregor Meat exists of a unique taste and appears to be very tender.

The fact that our animals live in free range indicate that our meat won’t have signs of sprayed chemicals, which enhances the quality and sustainability.

At MacGregor Meat we are very proud of our business. We have made good arrangements with our delivery network.

We have the best means of conveyance, so therefor we can guaranty that our products arrive safely. The time arrange from when the animal is on the field to when it’s delivered to our customers is maximum 24 hours.

We are very devoted to our work and therefore do we offer flexibility and a fairly discount to our first-time customers.

We have a payment policy that includes payment on delivery, but if the customer isn’t satisfied with our products, we will cover the delivery costs.

On behalf of MacGregor Meat, I am hoping that we can make an attractive plan for your business. We look forward to hearing from you again.